Friday, April 22, 2005

Caught red-handed
On mornings when I have time, I'll often stop and grab a soda on my way to work. Since I've been off of caffeine now for over three months, my choices are slim. I decided to be creative today and fill up a cup about 4/5 of the way with Sprite and then put some of the frozen cherry slushie into it for flavor. It was fine until I went to mix it, at which point there was some sort of chemical reaction and it grew to about twice it's size and overflowed onto my hand, the counter, the floor-you get the idea. much for subtle.

Seeing red
By 8:27 this morning I was already ready to go home. I was trying to give call to our female tech (imagine that, I'm the service dispatcher and I was trying to dispatch a call), and she refused and then undermined me in front of everyone. I just quietly walked into my office and attempted not to cry. It is a commonly held belief among the techs that she's due for an ass-ripping from the boss, and she'd better get it soon.

There is a theme for today. The theme is "red".


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