Friday, May 20, 2005

Funny how things work out...
So here's a summary of my past week:
Tuesday: got laid off.
Wednesday: called a custom framing shop to see if they were hiring; dropped off a resume at lunch.
Thursday: was called for an interview at said framing shop.
Today: hired on the spot at said framing shop. I start Monday.

Wow. This may sound odd, but I really think God set me up for this. I mean, I basically was offered the hours I want on the days I want, more pay than I expected, and all of the time off I needed in June. Wow. And I'll be getting to use creativity and artistic skills! What a concept! And I get a significant discount on any framing I want to do, which is super convienient with my photography. I now basically have the time, money, and means to teach piano and pursue photography more seriously. And I'm going to really enjoy what I do. I am humbled and thankful, to say the least...


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