Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And now a lesson in coffee (courtesy of an old email from Aimee):
"Regular coffee is just brewed coffee. Espresso is a specific brew method where you take darkly roasted coffee that has been ground very fine and force hot water through it at a high pressure. The machines that are used to do it here produce only several ounces at a time. This is thought to be the standard serving. (that sentence sounds funny). A latte and a cappuccino both start with espresso. Then you add milk. When you warm milk by using steam you create two distinct things. Steamed milk, and the frothed milk that sits on top. A latte is espresso, with steamed milk, and a little froth on top. A cappuccino is espresso, and equal amounts steamed milk to froth. If you had two cups that were of the same volume and one was a cap and one was a latte, the cup with the latte would be heavier than the cup with the cap because the steamed milk is much denser than the frothed milk. And the latte has more steamed milk than the cappuccino. A mocha is a latte with the addition of chocolate syrup."

RTQ 12/20/05: What is your favorite coffee drink (hot or cold or both)?


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