Tuesday, December 06, 2005

So last week, I went into Carpenter's Son for the first time since before Jim and I started dating. I'm not sure why I didn't go sooner; maybe it was subconscious. At any rate, I went to get one of Jim's Christmas presents. I could have gone to Family, but I had two coupons for a total of 35% off of the item. When you're poor, you go with the discounts. So I went in, and of course, didn't recognize anybody. That is, until Tricia, Cliff's wife, saw me.
Here's a bit of background. I worked at Carpenter's Son from '97 to '99 when I was in college. Then I quit to pursue a job elsewhere more related to my major. I went back in 2000 and worked there for two years, but this time, as the music department manager. A real job. I loved it. Unfortunately, there were certain people working there at the time that sought to manipulate and divide and I got caught in the middle. Because I was naive. Yay for being dumb. Eventually the situation smoothed itself out, but not before I got the opportunity to go to Master's. So I took it. I quit with about 10 days notice and moved to Canada. Two years of ministry later, I came back to Lafayette. I got a job in a place I like to refer to as Hell, a.k.a. Smith Office. I was let go from there due to cutbacks (thank GOD) and found myself at Kelly's doing framing. I am thankful for this job, but let me explain my dilemma there. I apparently lack flair. Those who have seen Office Space know exactly what I mean. I have been "talked to" three times about my job. What is wrong you ask? Well, I've been told that I am excellent with customers, my layouts are wonderful, I sell expensive stuff, my finishing is excellent, and I am great to work with. So what's the problem? Well, the best I can figure is that they want me to "take more ownership" in the company. They explained to me how they will work 15 days in a row if neccesary to keep caught up. I respect that, but the funny thing is, when I came in I told them I was looking for a PART TIME JOB. What part of that entails working 15 straight days (especially for the meager wage they pay me)? I just don't think I can fit the mold they have in mind. That and I heard a woman who came in who didn't know I was there make a JOKE about me being on the internet all day (which I would NEVER do). That hurt my feelings. But I didn't say anything. I kept working. It's just confusing. My coworker, Sarah, could goof off all day and my boss would give her a bonus for coming in when she didn't feel well. I could come in on my day off to help (which I've done several times) and then get a speech about my work ethic. It's just frustrating. One day I'm getting a "talk" and the next week I get a small cash bonus for my "extra effort". Am I a good employee or a bad one? My head hurts just thinking about it...
So back to my trip to Carpenter's Son. All of this had been going through my mind, and Tricia walked up to me to start chatting. One of the first things she said is that I look skinny. Good start. Then she said she'd been thinking a lot about me lately, how she regrets the situation I was put in, how bad decisions were made. I agreed with all of it and also confessed to making some bad decisions in the whole situation. I found out that the "trouble-makers" were gone and that business was good. And then, out of nowhere, she asked me to pray about coming back. I replied with, "how many times does someone have to quit before you guys won't take them back?" We laughed about it, but apparently going to school or moving away is an exception to the no-rehire thing. Kinda wish I'd known that a year and a half ago...anyway...I went back the next night to talk to Cliff. He said he'd be open to me either just helping for the holidays OR coming back full time. Hmm...stay at a job where I'll never measure up, or go back to one I really enjoyed. Tough choice. So I am now officially working at both, until January. I already talked to my boss at Kelly's and she's happy for me (or maybe that was relief...hmm). And, pending one more conversation with Cliff, will start full time back at Carpenter's Son in January. They have three positions opening up or already open, and I'm specifically interested in one. No, it's not music, but I'm okay with that. I'm not quite as obsessed as I used to be anyway...
I'm looking forward to being at a place where I know I'm appreciated and make a difference. And where I will, by working only a few more hours a week than I do now, will double my income. And that's starting out.
Hmm...enjoying what I do AND getting paid for it...weird.

So that's my life right now. And just so everyone knows, I work EVERY day this month at one or both jobs except for Sundays and a couple days before Christmas. So...yeah...

LOVE to all.

And chocolate.


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