Wednesday, November 02, 2005

That's how I feel.

Jim is gone on another work trip. November's busy for him. Actually, it started at the end of October. From Sunday, October 30th to Monday, October 31st mid-afernoon-ish, he went to Atlantic City, NJ to trouble-shoot an engine. He was back in time for us to have a late lunch together and then hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. We ran out. There are about 37,000 kids in his neighborhood. But I digress. Then Tuesday morning he left at 5-something am to fly to Oklahoma City. He's trouble-shooting an engine about two hours away from the airport.

Jim: "I'm talking to you from The Middle of Frickin Nowhere, Oklahoma"

He's there until Friday. Then he has a few days off. Then on Thursday, November 9th he flies to Atlanta, GA and is there for two or three days. Then he actually has about two weeks without travel. [Side note: we will be decoratng his house for Christmas these two weeks. WOOT.] THEN he goes to Colorado for four or five days the week after Thanksgiving.

We might randomly go to a wedding somewhere in there and we're definately going to meet Julie in Indy this Saturday!!! I'm excited. It's been way too long...

SO...yeah. Not a whole lot going on other than that. Except that my brake pads are going in the front and my car is screeching like a banshee. I already have new ones, and Jim is going to change them out this weekend. Until then, I screech.

And now to be even more random.
I'm doing my RTQ on a Wednesday. Betcha never saw THAT coming...
RTQ 11/2/05: How much toilet paper do you use when you poo? [Apparently according to Allison and Jim, Aaron and I use way too much...]


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