Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's still Tuesday...
...for a little less than an hour. Good. This day has only had a few bright spots. The rest was generally pissy.

Lessons learned.
I've began to discover something about life as a woman. Most women (but certainly not all) at some point or another in their lives idealize the idea of being "rescued" from something-be it their unfortunate circumstances, hardship, etc. We probably get this idea from the many fairy tales and Disney movies we watch as kids. And while 'happily ever after' makes a great movie ending, I'm discovering that the reality of life as a woman isn't quite as simple as Snow White. Sometimes we're put in situations, be it by God or our own decisions, that carry stresses and challenges that come with them. And the hard fact is that we have to help ourselves. We can't depend on anyone but ourselves. And I've come to accept that. I will rescue myself. With God's help. From my debt. From my stresses. From anything and everything that seeks to make me dependent on anything but God. End of rant.

Speaking of hardship...
10/4/05 RTQ: If you had to evacuate your home, like those in New Orleans, what is the first thing you'd grab to take with you?


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