Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Addendum to yesterday's post
OK, so I stole that title from Aimee's live journal. I just wanted to use the word "addendum". But it does apply. I was talking to my coworker Sarah (the vet tech) today, and she informed me that if I found Nermy with his mouth open that it indicated that he was gasping for air and suffocated to death.

I am now disturbed.

In her defense, she said it a lot more tactfully than that. It happens often with really old cats. Nermy was 16.

And in other news, I am again suffering through another period from hell. I've got to talk to my doctor about getting a new prescription. This stuff ain't cuttin' it. I'm not supposed to take more than 4 in 24 hours, and I go through that and usually 2 or 3 ibuprofein before noon.

Speaking of drugs, I need to go take more so that I can make it through my evening. This includes dinner with my boss, coworker, and their friends, and then catching the end game four of the World Series at B-dubs with Jim. And although we're rooting for different teams, Allison, that IS really cool that Aaron's dad coached one of the Astros!! Wow.

OK, I'm off.



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