Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lack of RTQ
Sorry for not having an RTQ yesterday, for those of you that actually care (*ahem* Allison :) But I skipped the week before last too...

Nermy Baby
So yesterday at around 5:30 I went to get Nermal (a.k.a. Nermy Baby), our long-haired, black cat. He had recently turned 16, but we could tell he was fading pretty fast. My mom had made "the appointment" for yesterday evening at 6pm. I went to the back bathroom where I knew he was hiding and crouched down to pet him and tell him goodbye. The only thing was, he didn't wake up. He didn't move. Or breathe. And he was cold.

He was gone.

I was in shock. I've never discovered a dead pet before. So I picked him up (side note: he felt a lot heavier than he did when he was alive-is that where the term "dead weight" comes from?) and took him up front. I was OK until my mom said, "Oh, you have him." and I replied, "you don't have to take him." I got a little choked up. She took him and buried him at my uncles house next to his two dogs that passed away.

The only creepy thing about the whole experience was that his mouth and eyes were frozen open and his tongue was hanging out. That's an odd site in itself for a cat.

So here's my tribute to Nermy: You were SUCH a good kitty. Fluffy and fat for most of your life, you were very happy. You loved to cuddle and were very content whatever the circumstances. A lot of us could learn from that. Rest in peace, baby.

Work work work
I should get ready for work now. I have to open. woot. Oh, and speaking of work, Jim went in to work when he left here at 1:30AM. (After the Sox game-3 out of 4! They're SO winning the World Series) I sent him a text message at 6:30 this morning and he was still there. Holy CRAP. Jim, if you read this, take the rest of the day off to sleep.


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