Monday, December 18, 2006

Someone's getting married...
But it's not me...yet. Josh and Andrea are celebrating their 5-week anniversary today by going to the courthouse and getting married. I'm still in shock, but I'm sure it will wear off eventually.

I am SO ready to go part-time at work. I do as of January, but it cannot come soon enough. We're short-stafffed because my boss doesn't want to pay people, and we are three cashiers short. This makes for a nice stiff-neck-with-headache combo for me on a nightly basis. I'd like to thank Jim publicly for being so amazing and giving me neck rubs to get me through. I only have to make it two more weeks. *feeling neck stiffen*

So...yeah. On to cheerier subjects...Jim and I have raised almost $800.00 in just 9 nights with the lights for the Salvation Army. We're really excited. They gonna luuuv us.

Hmm...maybe if I feign a tumor, I can skip the next two weeks of work...


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