Saturday, November 18, 2006

This is getting to be embarrasing.
So yesterday morning I decided to go to chick-fil-a for breakfast. I do this quite often, mainly because I get a lot of coupons and I love their food. The opening manager's name is Ryan, and needless to say, he knows Jim and I by name. And our occupations. And how long we've been together. Moving on...

So as I'm pulling up to the menu, I rolled my window down only to hear Ryan's voice coming out of the speaker, "Please pull forward...Please pull forward" in monotone. I was laughing by the time I actually pulled up completely to the speaker. He then said, "Whattya gettin?" For anyone who has been there, you know that is NOT how they greet people. So I laughed some more and then said, "You can probably guess."
"Hmm...a cinnamon cluster and medium coke, right?".
"You know the total. Please pull forward".
And I did. $2.84. As usual.

Then lunch rolled around. I had thought that Jim could bring me something from his house, but he couldn't get freed up at work. So I was left with no choice. I had no money and a coupon for a free sandwich from...chick-fil-a... I looked at the clock, and it was well past 2:30. I didn't want to risk being served by the same crew. I thought for sure that Ryan would be gone, but as I pulled up to the window to get my food, he was a the counter a few feet away from the drive-up window. POOP. I handed the girl my coupon and then waited for my food. I had to wait a few minutes, and I spent those few minutes trying desperately not to be noticed. I even went so far as to turn my face away from the window until I heard it open...

Guess who was standing at the window holding my food hostage. Mmm hmm. He just smiled and said, "Did you ever leave?" I vaguely remember my face turning seven shades of red.

So go on, people. Make fun of me. I can take it. We all know that I am destined to end up on Dr. Phil, whining and complaining that I'm "not strong enough to fight the addiction".

Shut up and send me some more coupons.


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