Monday, October 09, 2006

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE fall? Jim and I took our three overgrown dogs on a walk this past Saturday...well, actually, they pretty much just dragged us around for a mile or so. But the weather was PERFECT.

Yesterday was special for two reasons: 1) It marked two years for Jim and I, and 2) My mother broke a bone for the first time in her life. Way to go, Mom ;)

For our special day, I gave Jim the new "Trivial Pursuit Totally 80's", which we played last night with Joshy and Mary Beth. It was WAY harder than any of us anticipated (not unlike the version originally published in the 80's that you and I played, Liana). But it was much fun, regardless. As his gift to me, Jim took me out in Blue Steel (his blue Eagle Talon...the white one is named Latigra and his truck is named Magnum...see a pattern? Yes, it's intentional) and taught me to drive a standard transmission car!!! It's something I've wanted for a decade, but no one has ever let me "learn" on their vehicle. And considering Jim is a car guy and protects his cars like they were his children, that says real love to me :) There was a bit of frustration, and at one point (when I vibrated the car so hard a wire disconnected from a spark plug) there was some crying. But Jim was wonderfully encouraging and patient, and before the day was over, I was driving it perfectly!! Slowly, but perfectly. There is a whole lot of practice to come, but I'm thankful I finally know how.

As for my mama, she has this bad habit of trying to break up dog fights. Silly mama. My sister's new dog (a Great Dane) pulled her down and she broke the bone that runs from her left pointer finger to her wrist. And never being one for a simple fix, she has to get surgery tomorrow (to insert a pin) and THEN get a cast. She has a very high tolerance for pain, so that's good. I know why you did this, were just jealous of Dad because he sets off the metal detectors and you don't, right? Heal quickly...

And now I must eat lunch. Food is my friend.

And Steve, I haven't forgotten you. I just suck at e-mailing. Forgive me?


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