Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Valentines-day suckage
To me, V-day has never been a big deal. But after Jim and I got together, I kind of liked the idea of "having a valentine". Yesterday was our third Valentine's Day together...except we weren't together. And we never have been on that day. On V-day of '05, he was on a business trip in Colorado. On V-day of '06, he was on a business trip in Thailand. Yesterday, I saw him very briefly in the morning, as I drove him to the airport to (wait for it...) go on a business trip. I'm sure the period-induced-hormones raging through my blood didn't help, but I admit, I was quite the mess.

I'm doing better now. I guess I'm just not destined to celebrate that day.

I'm think I'm okay with it, though. I have a very attentive, loving and romantic man. He's done SO many things to make other days incredibly special...

OK...time to go take care of the puppies...


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