Thursday, January 10, 2008

Recovering from PC hate

Actually, the hate will probably always be there. There are at least two more chapters to the saga, but let's just say I'm working my way around the inept-ness of PCs. That, and when Jim and I went to Best Buy recently, an hour long chat with an employee and fellow Mac lover served as an adequate catharsis for the time being.

Jim is in Thailand again. This is his fourth trip there, and this time he's swinging by Bangladesh on his way home. Woot for him! He really enjoys travelling as part of his job. And I'm thankful he gets to experience so much. And I'm really excited to let everyone in blog-ville know this:

I get to go with him on his next trip!!!

It is the first full week in February (the 3rd to the 10th), and we'll be going to Holland and Germany. (I'll finally get to go there, Aimee!) And unlike our two former attempts, this trip cannot be cancelled. There are people coming from all over the world to meet in Holland these days specifically. It's quite the big deal for his company.

And before anyone asks, YES, I asked my doctor. I will still be in my 8th month at that point, and the doc said that since I've had a perfectly healthy pregnancy, the risk is really low. He said that if I did go into labor, it wouldn't be because I flew somewhere. It would be because it was going to happen anyway. The doc said it's unlikely at that point anyway (6 weeks early). But we'll be in two major cities mostly anyway, so I feel secure in their facilities if that does happen.

I'm excited. EEE!

Other than that, I'm just getting ready for the Bridal Show this weekend. My display is going to be much better this year. I'm going to have a banner, really professional business cards, and best of all, a slide show of my work on a wide-screen monitor. It's going to look much better than last years...much more professional and modern. I'm looking forward to it.

I hope I'm not bored...last year was quite the test of my attention span. Well, I pretty much failed the test...

OK, must get back to work now. I have a lot to do. And I want some chocolate.



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