Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The 50's woman
I'm really loving being a stay-at-home mom and wife.  It's very satisfying to take care of Eli and the house.  I enjoy running errands, having dinner ready for Jim, and attending to my family's needs. I really think I would have fit into the 50's very well.  Although, that was the somewhat expected role of a woman in the 50's, and I don't agree that it should be.  But I also don't like the modern-day pressure on a woman to have a career.  I believe a woman should be supported in whatever she wants-be it a career woman or a homemaker like me...whatever makes her truly happy.  

Jim's in Japan until Friday.  It's his first big trip with this new job.  I really like his new company.  They treat him and us so much better than the big corporation for which he formerly worked.  And this is the first time he's actually gotten to explore the country; it's only been a stop on the way to Thailand before.  He's working on a naval ship stationed off the coast of Japan.  We can only communicate by e-mail since their cell phone network isn't the same, but it's been kind of fun.  It's like a modern-day version of waiting on a letter from a loved one.  I hope I get a fun souvenir.  It's our tradeoff.  He can leave me for weeks at a time as long as I get something fun and unique from the country he visited.   I think that's fair.


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