Saturday, May 28, 2005

Alright, already...
OK, I'm updating. Sorry it took so long. I have been helping Jim with various fun house projects over the past week-actually, I'm not really going to get a break until this coming Tuesday, but that's OK. I'm having fun.

Today I am going to the second of three wedding showers for Adjuwan for her upcoming wedding (it's almost here! eee!). But this one is going to be super cool because it's basically a cook-out for couples. Lucky for me I am now one half of a couple, so I'm qualified.

Other than that, not much is going on, except for my dad's dog (the fat, rotating Chihuahua) is now struggling with blindness for a yet un-diagnosed reason. Hopefully we'll know soon-but he's not that old, so I don't see it being anything huge. I hope.

So...yeah. That's about it. Other than the fact that I am thankful that I now have a job I really really enjoy and work with two great girls and am using my creative side and have money to pay my bills and more time to work on my other goals.

God is faithful.


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