Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This day off thing rocks.
Have I said that before? It does.

What the crap ever
I am so tired of stupid people who want to make money at other people's expense. Oh yeah, I really believe people who publicly admit that they're shopping for a book deal...

Disclaimer: girl-talk
So I went to Victoria's Secret today to do my bi-annual new bra purchase. I actually need them now, though. I've lost 20 lbs and dropped a cup size. And of course, I just had to get some new underwear and some vanilla body spray. I bought 2 of the new t-shirt bras they've been advertising. Me likey. A lot.

My experience in the store:
Me: (walks in)
Sales woman: "Can I show you our new IPEX line today?"
Me: "Sure."
Sales woman: (showing me the bra) "As you can see, they are lightly lined, with no seams, very soft, and more insulated in the center so that you can have maximum nipple coverage."
Me: (thinking "please don't talk to strangers about their nipples. thank you.")

This was after I got measured to make sure of my actual size and she accosted me with her tape measurer.

I wonder if there is a support group for this...


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