Tuesday, July 19, 2005

BMV hell
So I noticed last Thursday that my plates were going to expire Friday. Since I was leaving to go to Wisconsin for the weekend and had to work yesterday, I had to go to the lovely BMV today, on my day off. I got there around 11:00-ish. When I finally reached the counter to get my number, it was 40. Not bad. Until I noticed that the "now serving" sign on the wall said 85. Suck. I was past the rollover. Needless to say, after my number was finally called, I paid my $127.75 for the tiny little plate sticker and was on my merry way - at 12:45.

I am not, nor will I ever be, a hot-weather-person.
This is what I re-discovered at Road America this past weekend. Beyond that, it was a very good time. I really enjoyed myself. [For those who don't know, Road America is just like Cornerstone, but instead of camping and bands and shows, it's camping and cars and races.] My favorite part was after racing/practices were done for the day (shortly after 5) and we would all go back and grill and eat and play games and talk and relax well into the night. Good times...

When ya gotta go...
The facilities were really nice for a campground. The showers were private enclosed rooms which, on one hand lacked water pressure, but on the other did not smell like rotten eggs. The restrooms were even well maintained. Which brings me to my next topic...

The Poop-Nazi
Apparently the way that they kept these bathrooms maintained so well was to have this lady, who I lovingly refer to as the Poop-Nazi, in there ALL FREAKING DAY every day of every event. She just sat in there. Listening. Or at least that's how it felt. Anyone who has read my previous blog knows that I have...well...issues. I poo a lot. And it's not quiet. But that's life. Mine, specifically. Usually I am lucky enough to find an empty restroom in which to have these issues, but with a woman just sitting there all day...yeah...not cool. But I got over it. With my body, being shy just wasn't an option past the first few

For Danielle and Aimee
Addicted? Lemme help.

In review
Can I just say that I'm having a really really great summer? I am. Not as much pool-whoring going on as I'd like, but we're going to remedy that, right friends?


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