Sunday, June 26, 2005

R.I.P. my A.S.--well, you get the idea...
Whatever, people, this blog is far from dead. I just had about a million things to do in the past week and a half. But I am happy to report that I'm back. So...let see...what's new?

-I'm down to about 150 lbs. (I usually hang around about 165). I feel wonderful. (Did I mention my skinny pants fit?!?)

-Allison and Aaron O'Maley. I just wanted to say that. Tee hee. It's about time...(The wedding and reception were amazing and perfect and beautiful and worth every last minute of effort! Thank you guys SO much for letting me be a part of it!)

-I am addicted to eBay. I've already sold 6 things of my own and 4 things for Jim. I currently have two more things listed for each of us. I can't stop. I don't know if there is a support group for this, but I may need the number at some point.

-I still miss my e-chats with Aimee during the workday. I'm off Tuesday, girl-we have to chat!

-I currently have two zits (no no, not one, but two) on the edge of my lip. It looks like herpes. I am not laughing.

-I will soon have pics from the wedding to post. I'm sure many "oohs" and "aaaws" will follow. Be lookin for 'em kids...

Ok, I must take my puppy for a walk now. Later, people. (And I mean that...)


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