Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mail-order blessings
So today at my wonderful new job, I framed a document proclaiming an Apostolic blessing from the Pope onto the people who ordered it--get this--from Rome. I was not aware that I could order blessings directly from the Pope...hmm...actually, the paper was hand-painted in a very beautiful manner by some nuns. And there was a picture of the new Pope attached. It turned out to be pretty nice looking.

But I still don't think I want one.

In other news, I'm going to Canada tomorrow. Jim and I are leaving after I get off of work and coming back Sunday. I am really looking forward to seeing those I miss. I don't want to return to that time in my life, but I'm very thankful for the two years God used there to change me-and the friendships He blessed me with. It will be wonderful to see those graduate that I might have had a small role in discipling...

Best of all I get to show off my hot Italian man. Yessssssss...

I'll talk to you all on Monday. Peace.


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