Thursday, June 16, 2005

My skinny pants fit!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, so this sounds really pathetic, but I've kept this pair of pants I ordered from Delia's about 4 years ago even though, up until now, they've been too small (their pants run really small-it says size 11, but they're really a size 9). I've lost some weight due to being more active and eating less (what a concept) and tried them on just for fun and THEY FIT!!!!!!!! The only problem is that they're 4 years old so they're not really in style anymore, but I'm freaking keeping them. Who cares about style. I never really have. Why start now?

So Canada was wonderful. It was really great to see everyone (of course). Not much more to say about that...

My job rocks-have I mentioned that lately? I'm SO thankful for it.

And I love my bridesmaid dress for Allison's wedding (8 days and counting!)

Ok, I'm gonna go now.

Aimee, I miss our daily e-chats...


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