Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oily braids
This is what my hair somewhat resembles right now. What can I say? Sleep seemed a lot more important than a shower this morning.

So I've just finished catching up on people's lives (a.k.a. reading blogs). It took about an hour, but I value my friendships, so it was well worth it. I had some great company, though. Patton, our Saint Bernard, was beside me scratching and licking himself in various places the entire time.

And now for an important announcement:

It's hard to believe. I remember when he first started walking...talking...dang it happens fast. We're all going to Chuck E. Cheese's tonight to celebrate and also to say farewell to my 28 year old sister who is moving to California. Driving. Ew. But she is excited and has a wonderful job opportunity out there. Good luck, Mel. You're in my prayers.

Jim and I are going to Schaumburg tommorrow for three days. The highlights include a Cubs game--my first ever--tommorrow, and going to the Taste of Chicago. I'm SO excited. I really enjoy spending time with his family. Is that normal?

And now to go pack. And give myself a manicure. And hang out with my puppy. I love him so!

Later, people.


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