Thursday, July 07, 2005

You people...
Just so everyone understands, I now work at a job withOUT internet access. Henceforth, since the majority of my blogging was done there, I am not able to blog as frequently as before. Excuse? No. Reality? Yes. So stop saying this blog is dying.

So when Jim and I were working in his new back yard, we discovered what I was SURE was hemp. I even bet him I was so sure. I lost. Dang it.

To whom it may concern:
Danielle, you have to tell me your secrets when it comes to blogging. You link the most interesting things...

Allison and Aaron, I will pray for your safety and hope you have an amazing honeymoon. I can't wait to have another sleepover! Woot!

Allison/Aimee/Amy, I am clumsy too. I do that running into doorways thing way too often...

Aimee, I love the new picture on your lj. And I expect a lot more pool-whoring...I'm sure Shiloh will be happy to join us again.

Amy and Trevor, I love that you guys post pics of Kalli so often! I check all the time. It's so great to look at the old pics and see how much she's changed.

Steve, have fun in Wisonsin. Jim and I are going there next weekend for Road America. I am a car-chic in the making.

Hmm..let's see...I think that's it for now. But maybe I'll post again tomorrow...


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