Wednesday, April 19, 2006

OK, so it's been a while...
So birthday was very good. As you may have picked up from the comments on the previous post, my family got me the first five seasons of MacGyver on dvd. And yes, Liana, I still have a crush on Richard Dean Anderson. Actually, pretty much the MacGyver character. Sad but true...

So other than that, I think home-improvement is the theme for my life lately. Of both my parent's house and Jim's house. Jim and I painted his hallway and few other random areas this past week (we crammed it in before his parents came to visit for Easter). And today [so far] I have de-junked my parents' entertainment center, moved it to the garage for our upcoming garage sale along with a skinny bookshelf that was by it, filled up a whole garbage can with crap from the afore-mentioned pieces of furniture, and moved my entertainment center to the living room and put the [much smaller amount of] stuff in/on it. It looks SO much better, and my mom is pleased. I don't know where to put my stuff now, but maybe I'll just move it all to Jim's. He'll never know...[insert evil laugh here].

I also have almost 200 bucks worth of stuff to completely re-do the front bathroom. We're talking down to the doorknob. Ceramic tile and all. Room by room I'm going to make this place beautiful again. Just wait and see...

Ok, Nolynn needs this room to play his PS2 now, so I'm being booted out.

Oh, and Aimee, you're the only one who can make me smile by calling me a skank :)


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