Friday, March 17, 2006

Progress with the acne scars.
So a week ago, I had my first microderm. I was a little pink for a day, but essentially, I noticed immediate results with overall smoothness and a few fine lines being gone. My face also "shed" a bit on my cheeks where she really worked the machine. Yesterday I had my first chemical peel. Holy CRAP it burned. I expected burning. I didn't expect her to layer it three times. The first time it hurt. The second time it was almost seizure-inducing. The third time it didn't hurt as much, but then again, I didn't feel much of anything after that. Either I went into shock or the chemicals burned my nerve endings off. Either way, I was glad. If it weren't for the fan she held on my face, I might have cried. At any rate, I was really red yesterday. Today, I'm still red in spots, but the main thing is how tight my face is. It's actually kind of comical. I can't smile. Not completely. But I found out that I can wear makeup-thank GOD. I just wear powder and eye makeup anyways...the only thing that concerns me is that I'm going to a rock show [Dream Theatre in Chicago] with Jim tomorrow and am supposed to be peeling pretty badly both tomorrow and Sunday...and I can't touch it. Talk about torture...

Oh yeah.
And Jim and I randomly went to Florida to surprise everyone down there last weekend. Sorry I didn't blog about it sooner, but people from down there read this...

And this thank you goes out to...
Allison!!! Thank you for recommending PEFCU. They approved my loan!!! I now officially have three monthly bills: car payment, insurance, and this loan, which I plan on paying off a LOT faster than they gave me. Like in 1/4 the time or less. WOO HOO!!!

I'm feeling the pressure...
Should I get a Myspace or not? The thing is, I'd have to have either this blog or that. I don't have time for both. I need your opinions, friends.


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