Saturday, March 03, 2007

My life, as of today.
So I've received calls now from 8 different brides. I've met with two. I have yet to book anything, but I have another meeting today, and another tomorrow. We'll see what happens! I'm just excited to be getting out there and DOING it.

I'm cleaning Jim's house today. I actually really enjoy cleaning his place. Jim said he was going to go into his music room and get it cleaned and organized. About 10 minutes into him being in there, I started hearing his electric guitar. Mmm hmm. Cleaning. Right.

I'm really frustrated with Jim's printer. First of all, every time I unhook it from the laptop, I have to un-install and then re-install it to get it to work again. There might be a faster way to do this, but I wouldn't know, since all of the instructions are in DUTCH. That's right, DUTCH. Why? I have no idea. All I know is that when I've un-installed and then re-installed it, there is no language option. And God only knows where it is in the menus. Ironically, I would have to know Dutch in order to find it.



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