Friday, April 20, 2007

She's 69 today. Woot!

Invitation brain-fuzz
So here are the things that weren't so perfect about the reception invites:
-I accidentally put US postage on the reply envelopes that would be coming from Canada and Austrailia.
-I didn't write on the invites anywhere that there will be rooms at the Best Western reserved under Jim and I's names for out-of-towners.
-For anyone coming from south of Lafayette, the directions are not perfect. The Best Western is your second light after getting onto 26, not the first.


Oh well. E-mails can mend most of that.


A co-worker recently took one of my butterfly stickers that I use to mark off days on my calender. I mark off Monday through Saturday, and there are six rows of six stickers on each sheet. It's perfect. Here's my problem: she just randomly took a sticker from the bottom row. Not even at one end or another. Like the fourth one in.

It's driving me CRAZY.

*sigh* My pattern is ruined.


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