Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Playing house
The honeymoon was wonderful, and incredibly relaxing. And now we've come back to a week of insanity getting ready for the reception and a lot of people seeing the house. That translates into completely renovating one room, and massively cleaning the rest. Not to mention making 150 wedding favors and a multi-media presentation to show folks Saturday night. And also, there's dinner with Jim's boss Friday night. Did I mention we both still have jobs?

I'm wondering when I'm going to start "feeling" married. I feel the same. Except for living here with Jim now. That feels weird. I keep feeling like I need to "go home". But I am home. Don't get me wrong, I love it. It just feels like I'm pretending.

I've taken care of changing my name with almost every agency. I still have to get a new driver's license, but I have to wait until I have a piece of mail with my new addy on it. So that may be a while. Getting a new social security card, however, was surprisingly easy.

I think my favorite part about everything so far is cooking dinner for Jim. I admit it; there's a little homemaker in me that is very happy right now. He's made a few comments about how I'm going to "make him fat". Those of you who know Jim, join me in a resounding,



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