Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I married a man who married his phone.
A few months ago, Jim got a Blackberry. Or rather, his company got one for him. They insisted. I must remember to thank them. Ever since this great change, he and his phone are inseparable. It's quite the relationship. He can even get his work e-mail on his phone now. Instantly. And the phone makes such a wonderful, peaceful noise when a new e-mail pops into the inbox. In reality, it should scream, "Oh, God! Not again!" Although it helps him keep up with his new position, it also brings work home a lot. Literally. And Jim deals with people in Europe and Asia everyday, which means that he gets e-mails 24/7. Someone who wants to talk to him is always awake and working somewhere.

Now, here's the thing with Jim and I - we both wake up to our cell phone alarms. Therefore, I am trained to wake up to the sounds that cell phones make. So when Jim gets e-mails all throughout the night, I wake up to the afore-mentioned peaceful tone that the phone emits. This morning's conversation went like this:

(Jim, thinking I'm still asleep, gets up and checks his phone for e-mails)
Me: Five, right?
Jim: Yep.

Such romantic morning pleasantries.


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