Monday, January 14, 2008


-I'm dealing with some recurring anger issues toward a friend (nobody who reads this).
-I just finished advertising at The Bridal Fair this past weekend, and am following up with a TON of leads, which is good, but have had several brides e-mail me asking about my website and why it's not working. There is a good reason for this; it's not up yet. And I might be losing potential business because it's not.
-I have been praying hardcore for a close friend for some really serious crap, and it's been on my heart constantly for about three weeks now.
-Jim's trip to Thailand and Bangladesh just got extended by another whole week because they figure since he's "in the area" he should go to Australia. He'll now be gone for a total of almost three weeks. That's the longest since I met him, 3 1/2 years ago.
-We have several bills that will come due before Jim gets home. I can't PAY them, because Jim has the laptop we use to balance our account and actually see how much we have to spend.
-Jim's fancy new Blackberry does not get reception in Asia, so I'm basically cut off from him. He can call and text me, but I can't reply or call him back. I'm helpless here.
-I am in my eighth month of pregnancy now and am NOT comfortable and starting to deal with a CRAP load more emotions, which magnifies everything on this list by about 100.
-I just realized TODAY that I sent in for a new passport for the trip to Europe but somehow managed to forget that I NEED IT TO GET TO CANADA ONE WEEK FROM FRIDAY. I've only been promising to photograph Dan's wedding for months. There's a number I can call if I haven't received it yet, but I have to wait til within 1 week of travel. (Why?!?)
-My house is a mess and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to clean it or even get motivated since I've been working every day since he left including weekends and will be continuing to do so through February 1st.
-Jim doesn't even know if he can get home before Dan's wedding; he might have to fly into Toronto and meet me there...that is, assuming I can even get into the country.

Whenever I think about it, it's hard to breathe. I just feel overwhelmed and alone. I want to curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. And then sleep until it all goes away.


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