Sunday, August 10, 2008

Crazy going slowly am I...

I've been very grumpy as of late.  I haven't yet figured out the reasons why, but as soon as I do, I'll let you know.  And I don't buy the whole post-pregnancy hormone thing.  That's just an excuse for the un-creative.

Two things I know for sure:  
-I am 20 lbs heavier than pre-baby, and very unhappy about it.  I have no clothes that fit right.  They are either too loose or to tight.
-I hate doing wedding photography.  I really do not enjoy it.  I'm pretty sure I want to quit.  But I love doing photos for friends!  You guys don't count.  It's doing it as a business I dislike.

Well said.
My mom and I went to lunch with a couple friends the other day.  On the drive home, we got onto the subject of televangelists.  No idea how.  Anyway, she mentioned to me that she was watching t.v. the other day and saw Tammy Faye Baker.  As my mom put it, "She was saying that she just knew she was going straight to heaven.  She looked terrible from the cancer, and she was still wearing those horrible, huge fake eyelashes.  All I could think was, if she does make it to heaven, she's going to scare the hell out of Jesus."


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