Friday, April 28, 2006

OK, so after the ant-eating incident yesterday (note: my mother informed me that those were oat-bugs, not ants. I still don't want to eat them.) I attempted to have a productive day at work. I almost succeeded, if you don't count tripping twice, hitting my head on a basket, and stabbing myself in the stomach with an open pen. I also forgot I was working a few hours later in the day, so I had a long supper break that I decided to spend at Jim's house catching a little nap. That would have been successful if it weren't for my hyper boxer that decided to (about 5 seconds before I slipped into deep nappage) slam his 27-pound paw onto my exposed throat.

End of nap.

So I now have a mark on my throat that looks a lot like a hicky. Try explaining to your co-workers how you got a hicky-look-a-like from a boxer.

Aimee, can I have a chapter in your book?


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