Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Rest in Peace, Heath. I hope you are surrounded with true joy and happiness now.

This tragedy makes my heart sad. Not just because it's an actor I admired, but because this kind of thing happens every day. To the famous and the unknown. Why can't everyone just die of old age in their sleep?

Today's joy

Today at my doctor's appointment, the doctor was trying to find our little boy's heartbeat through my belly. He'd just get to where he'd find it, and our little boy would lash out and hit it. It was so cute. I'd hear *woosh woosh woosh BASH*. And then I'd laugh and distort everything. This went on for several minutes. I kind of joked that he didn't like being crowded, and the doctor said, "no, he just wants to play".

How adorable is that?


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