Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last blog before baby comes...

I'm getting emotional.  Not like all teary-eyed at the thought of giving birth-emotional, but extreme-emotions emotional.  Like last night, for example.  I managed to fall for something stupid online and was infected with an incredibly hard-to-get-rid-of virus on my old PC.   Not to mention the other 27 viruses and spyware that apparently came along for the ride.  I won't go into my 2-3 hours of anger and crying that followed, just give you the good news: my sister is an IT.  And I just backed up everything on said-PC a couple weeks ago, so we're good to pretty much wipe it clean and re-install everything.

Then there's today, when Jim was working and got an e-mail that pissed me off.  I literally had to walk around the house to calm myself down.  And it wasn't even to ME.

I think I'm ready to have this kid.  And tomorrow, that's exactly what we're going to do.


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