Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ants in my pants...literally

Danielle, I feel your pain.

My house is being invaded by little black devils. Ants. When Jim and I arrived home a week and a half ago from our trip, we discovered our pantry was being ravaged by ants. We thought it was an isolated thing and our fault since we had a bit of open food in there. So I killed and scoured and sprayed and thought I'd taken care of it.

Until a few dozen showed up in the office. And then by the stove. And then IN the muffin pans I used to make breakfast (that's right, kids; I discovered them after I'd baked them to death). And then in the laundry room of all places. Every time, I sprayed and cleaned the buggers up.

And then I saw some more. The last straw was when I was sitting in the hallway and I felt a little sting on my bum. WRONG MOVE BUDDY.

They. Must. All. Die.

I called the exterminator. They said that I most likely have a nest in the wall somewhere, and that they will keep showing up until the nest is destroyed.

Things NOT to tell a pregnant woman who is currently in the nesting phase...

So they're coming out in about a week to poisen them all. And you know what? I don't feel bad about it.


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