Saturday, February 16, 2008


The laptop I use is Jim's old Dell from work. By the time they gave him a new one, this one was so old that they were just going to throw it away. He asked if he could keep it and they said they didn't care since it was junk to them. He gave it to me since it would serve my basic needs. This is the computer I've been using for over a year now.

Recently...well, actually for a while now, it has been having random issues every now and then. The newest thing is it wanting to scan the drive every time I turn it on. Something about "FAT32". I don't understand why (nor do I really care to), but I just have a feeling it's on it's last leg. So today, like a good and paranoid buisness woman, I backed up ALL of my buisness files, all of my photos, and, well heck-even the My Documents folder.

Now if my laptop chooses to go, I can bid it farewell a little more easily.


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