Thursday, January 24, 2008

Something random...

I've always been fascinated with how cars work. Especially the inter-workings of the engine. It's actually really nice that I have Jim, because he is a bottomless pit of information when it comes to this subject. We have had hours upon hours on conversations where he's explained the various parts of automobiles to me and how they work together. He's even taught me how to change my own oil. I'm a visual person, and I loved being under my car looking at everything and how it was connected.

The reason I'm even mentioning all this is because I've noticed my car not slipping into gear like it should. I asked Jim if it could be the transmission, and he said it was most likely the fluid (since I haven't had it changed...well...EVER...and I got the car in 2001). I decided to add that to my list of things to check on my car (in addition to oil level, air in the tires) before my trip to Canada tomorrow, and I found this article about ATF (automatic transmission fluid) that is perhaps the most user-friendly and easy to understand step by step ever.

Is it nerdy that I want to print it out to make sure I remember everything I learned from it?


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