Thursday, February 07, 2008

Germany is...not Holland

Well, I've been in Germany for almost 24 hours now, and the city we are staying in is not nearly as accomidating when it comes to speaking English. I've had to use a bit of German just out of desperation. Maybe that's a good thing. At any rate it's hard for me, as a stubborn American, to get used to the idea that not everyone can understand my language. I think this is good for me.

Actually, just being in Europe has given me quite a view of how self-absorbed Americans really are. I've been watching CNN a lot (one of the only English channels here), and when they say they are reviewing "world news" it really is WORLD news. Not just mostly American news with a few other things thrown in. I really love the diversity.

Holland is so full of tourists and other cultures, that English does kind of serve as a universal language, which was really convienient. But here in Dassau, if you don't know at least a little German, you're stuck. Actually, as I am writing this, I am trying to figure out how we're going to get clean towels in our room, seeing as how the housekeeper just walked in, saw me, apologized, and left. I instinctually said, "no, come on in!", and then realized pretty quickly that she had no idea what I'd just said. DANG it.

And speaking of quandries, I've found that (at least in Germany and Holland), hotels are not nearly as generous with their internet access. When I was in Holland, our hotel had two computers in the lobby available for use. That's how I was able to blog last time. But if we wanted access in our room, we had to pay $9.30 in Euro for 90 minutes. That's about $18.00 US for an hour and a half. WOW. I'm a little luckier here. It's only $13 Euro for 24 hours. That I could justify. Of course, my main reason for purchasing the use of the internet is so that I can log into our system at the store and work. I have SO much to do. I don't have much of a choice.

I'm paying to work. While on vacation. I must be crazy.


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