Tuesday, April 22, 2008

29 cent rage
Jim and I live around the corner from one of several Frozen Custards.  This has been slightly detrimental to my attempt to lose baby weight.  Regardless, I find it nearly impossible not to stop there...well...several times a week for a vanilla coke.  The past two times I have gone, I have been helped by a very...interesting girl.  Sunday I stopped to get my vanilla coke and a cherry coke for Jim.  The total was $4.06.  I gave the girl a ten and a dime.  Easy math, right?  My change should have been $6.04.  The girl handed me $6.00 and no change.  Now I know that it was only four pennies, but it really bothered me.  I decided to let it go.  Then yesterday, I went with my mom an bought three flavored cokes.  One each for her, me and Jim.  The total was $5.01.  This time I gave the same girl my  debit card.  She charged my card $5.26.  There is a sign on the drive-thru window stating that there is a 25 cent fee for all charges UNDER $5.00.  It was $5.01 and she charged me the extra 25 cents.  I let it go...again...but I'm really bothered by that girl.  I don't care if it's 29 cents.


I said that just for you, Allison.

Stuff and stuff
-I have become slightly addicted to YooHoo.
-My child wants to eat constantly.  Like every hour.
-I need to see a chiropractor.  Steve, you're too far away.
-Canadan and his new wife will be in town this Thursday through Sunday.  Woot!
-Aimee and I might have some much needed girl-time this coming Saturday.
-My May 1st paycheck is going to be around $5.00.  Yay for un-paid maternity leave.
-Eli is asleep so I must take advantage of it and clean.  

Bye for now.


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