Thursday, February 05, 2009

Detox, day 7
I'm one week into my cleanse.  I haven't noticed any weird side effects, although I did accidentally wear my pink house slippers to Walmart today.  Oops.  I weighed myself just for the heck of it this afternoon and I seem to have lost about three pounds.  Weight loss wasn't my goal, but I certainly don't mind.  I'm not surprised.  Let's just say the fiber is doing its job.

Cowboy Bebop
There are a few anime series I own.  I'm thinking of watching them all through again.  I've been feeling the urge to get back into my sketching, and anime was my obsession of choice.  I feel like I've lost a bit of who I was back in the RLP days.  I absolutely love my life now; I just want to incorporate some of the things I enjoyed back then as well.

New Orleans
It's been a while since I've lived in a new, unfamiliar place.  The only time I've experienced that was when I moved to Waterloo, Ontario for two years.  I was petrified at first.  But I had several friends there.  When Jim and I move, we'll only have each other.  And he'll be working a lot.  We're flying down in a couple weeks to find a place to live.  Now that the reality of moving is starting to sink in, I'm getting a little nervous.  I know we'll find a church and make friends.  I just wish we could kidnap a few people and take them with us.  You know who you are.


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