Friday, May 29, 2009

The fate of my new bird feeders

And here I thought I was being clever by getting a shepherd's hook for the feeders. There are two squirrels in the picture. As I type this, the total is up to three.

From storage room to guest room



It's still a little tight, but very do-able. Just ask my parents; they stayed in it this past week. And Jim's parents are coming down for Labor Day weekend, so we needed a guest room again. It was actually fun for me. I love organizing and getting rid of crud we don't need, and we had to do both to redo this room.  We left the bookcases up against the wall and used the space on the shelves to store empty boxes and such that we needed to keep. A couple of spring curtain rods and deep red panel-style drapes later, we have a nice backdrop for the room. And not only are the bed and futon usable, but Jim has full access to his musical equipment which he hooked up as we arranged things. Everybody wins.


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