Saturday, March 21, 2009

[New]Home stuff
-Our front door knob is strangely close to the door frame.  I've shut the door on my fingers an embarrassing number of times, considering I know this.
-There were several stains on the living room carpet when we moved in.  Our landlord says he's had the carpet "professionally cleaned" twice.  I took some spot shot from Dollar General and got two of the stains out in a matter of minutes.  I'm going to attack a few more of them this weekend.  I wonder what he means by "professional".
-Housing is more expensive here, but not as high as most suburbs of big cities, for example: Chicago, New York, ...San Francisco...
-I've been told that car insurance will cost a bit more here as well.  We haven't switched yet.  We have two months left on our insurance from Indiana, and they'll honor it until it expires.
-Jim's car was damaged while parked on the street the second day we were here.  It's dented and scratched above the right front tire.  Jim  Our insurance considers it a hit-and-run, so we have a $500 deductible to fix it.  So, our vehicle gets hit and we get punished.  That's fair... ):-(
-The city of New Orleans is shortened to Nola here. New Orleans, LA.  Events in the city are commonly referred to with that nickname.  There's a website,, which has "everything New Orleans".  There's even a channel we get here called Nola 38.  People here would say that we live on Nola's Northshore.

Family time
Jim and Elijah and I are going to the Nola Auto Show today!!  It's our first real time doing something fun here as a family.  I'll post pics, if our crappy little digital camera takes any decent ones.


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