Monday, March 16, 2009

So Jim left this past Thursday morning (the day after we finished unpacking) for a follow-up trip to a Gainsville, Florida worksite.  He'll be lucky if he gets to head home this coming Thursday.  Turns out he's mostly sitting around waiting for the machinery to be completely set up and running before he can do his job and tune the engine.  They just want him there...because...I really don't know.  Just...for...

I got nothing.

I usually get one phone call a day from Jim when he's traveling, in the evening.  My conversation during the day usually consists of baby's first words and Dr. Suess, so by the time he calls, I'm desperate to have adult conversation.  It's like opening a flood gate.  Poor Jim.

Also, right before he left, he noticed that the truck was running a little hot.  He thinks it just needs a new thermostat, but in the meantime (until he gets home), I shouldn't really drive it too much.  So far, I've gone out twice, and only to get necessities, like formula and dog food.  

So basically I'm stuck in a new house and can't really go anywhere, in a new town I'm unfamiliar with, with no friends and no family.

And it's rained for three days straight.

Kinda sucks.

Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow and I can take a walk with Eli.

And I know I'm not the only one who just broke into the song from "Annie" just then...


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