Friday, June 05, 2009

Cable, baby!

So we've been struggling with getting good tv reception with our antenna since we've moved here.  Granted, we get a lot more channels than we did in Indiana, but it's still a pain.  We basically have to adjust the antenna a certain way depending on which channel (of the dozen or so) we actually want to watch.  And sometimes we have to fiddle with it more than once in one sitting.  

Well, last night, while watching tv, we actually were paying attention at one point during the commercials and noticed our internet provider advertising basic cable (21 channels) for 9.95/month.  I read a few days ago that our provider just declared bankruptcy, so all of their packages have gotten cheaper.  I called today to see if there were any catches, since we already subscribe to their internet service.  And according to the chick I talked to, there aren't!  It would just be that ten bucks a month added to our internet bill.  And she says it won't affect our internet speed.  There's a hook-up fee, but it's small and we don't even have to pay it when the guy comes tomorrow!

One funny part of the whole deal is that if we added a phone line, they'd drop $5 a month off the price.  I certainly can't explain that.  But I said no thanks.  I'm not against saving money, but we both already have cell phones, which are all we need.  It would be silly to have a phone hooked up for nothing.

So we're getting every channel we wanted - CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, WGN, and 16 other channels as well.  And the best part?  He's coming to hook it up tomorrow morning and there's a Cubs game on tomorrow night!  WOO HOO!!


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