Sunday, June 28, 2009

Links :)
I am becoming slightly obsessed with Stacks and Stacks and The Container Store. And when our house in Lafayette sells, there are a few hundred items I would love to buy to use in the house we either find or build down here. I'll probably have to settle for two or three...

And speaking of that...
We're probably going to be renting down here for a while. And that's OK. After our house up north sells, we've made it our goal to pay off a credit card and our only two loans before buying another house. Not to mention that we'll have to have 3% saved up to put down on it. We'd really prefer to build, and we've found the perfect house plan. It's just a 3 bedroom ranch, but its very spacious and has a gameroom!! It may sound silly, but that's something we've both always wanted. We're so excited!!! God willing, we'll be able to build within the next couple years :)


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