Thursday, August 13, 2009

OK, so it's been a while...
Since both my mom and mama-Martz are now on Facebook, I kind of slacked in the whole blogging area for a while. Sorry...

A shy introvert's nightmare
Being new to this area has really "brought out" the introvert in to speak. I've had to and continue to force myself to be social, which I keep telling myself will be rewarded by karma somehow, perhaps by my attaining a bikini body with very little know, something realistic. This morning was almost comical, it went so against the grain of my personality. Today was the grand opening for Once Upon a Child here. I'd been to the store in Indiana and really liked the quality vs price, so I decided to attend. The store opened at 9:30. I went to Chick-fil-a first, to get my free breakfast and a sweet-tea. It was $1.79. I'm a big spender. I gave him a ten and exact change. By the time I got to the store, I realized he hadn't given me my $9 back. Crap. I realized this right as I pulled up to the store and observed a huge crowd of moms and kids. My inner introvert immediately started screaming at me to leave. Fortunately, my inner bargain-hunter overpowered that prude and I got out of the truck. I knew exactly what I wanted anyway, having already been in when they were open to buy only. I managed to squeeze my way in and get to the counter area (where the DVDs are) within a few seconds, only bumping into about seven people. I found three of the four DVDs I wanted right away, but they had so much overstock that one of them had been put in back, so one of the employees had to go fish it out for me. I hate inconveniencing people. But we were talking four to six bucks for brand-new stuff. Sorry, lady.

Once I had the stuff I came for, I paid for it and got out of there, vowing to come back when it wasn't so maybe in a month. I then headed back to Chick-fil-a to get my $9 back. To be quite honest, the conflict wasn't worth it to me, but I had promised Jim change and thought he'd be upset if I spent $10.79 on a cup of sweet tea. As I approached, I was grateful that there was no one in line behind me. After speaking to the man on the headset and identifying who'd served me, he told me they'd have to count down his whole drawer. Oh geez. I got to the window and was immediately apologetic for the inconvenience. They took my money and I was apologizing. That makes sense. Eventually, they came back and I received my refund, and I high-tailed it out of there. On the way home, I decided to call Jim so he could tell me how good it was that I made that effort. I recalled the entire tale, and he responded, "Wow. You went all the way back there for that?"

Well, piss.


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