Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Long overdue updatage :)
Wow...let's see. Um...I guess some fun stuff has happened while I was gone from internetland...

Congratulations, Liana on officially becoming someone's better half!!

My sister, Melody, and her significant other (Vien-pronounced "vin") are travelling back from California right now with Nolynn. Melody is moving back. She just couldn't afford to have Nolynn out there, and since that is not "an option", she's headed back. Don't worry, Mel. You are very intelligent and talented. I know you'll find a job here or near here soon :)

I don't think i've mentioned Vien on here before. He and Mel have been friends for a while, but began a serious relationship more recently. He is pretty cool. And he LOVES Nolynn and treats Mel really well. I approve.

Oh, and Nolynn's 7th birthday is tomorrow!! Yay!!

Um...what else...I was supposed to go to Germany for the second time this past weekend. And Jim's boss postponed it for the second time about a week before. I'm really trying to like this guy, but he's not doing humself any favors... ;) Anyways, while Jim went on a work trip to Boston, I went to Ohio to stay with Aaron and Allison for a few days in their beautiful new place. Thanks guys, it was SO relaxing and wonderful. Among the highlights were getting to see the Guitar Center that Aaron is opening, taking a few trips to Timmys, and watching many, many movies. Then on Saturday I spent some spontaneous time with Aimee in Indy before surprising Jim at the airport (he was expecting to drive a rental car home).

As for this coming weekend, Jim and I are venturing up to Schaumburg this Sunday for the Fourth of July holiday. Woot!

Other than all that, just working and paying off debt. Slowly.

Happy Wednesday, kiddies.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So I was talking to my co-worker, Steve, and he was telling me about some woman on the radio this morning who was saying women shouldn't conceive today (it being 06/06/06).

The obvious conclusions that can be drawn are as follows::
1: She's superstitious.
2: She's seen "The Omen" and/or Rosemary's Baby.
3: She is assuming that any woman engaged in making love to their significant other would not be able to tell if their man suddenly disappeared and Satan "took over".

"I love you...*kiss*'re so beautiful...*kiss*...WORSHIP THE LORD OF DARKNESS FOREVER...*clears throat*...Oh, sorry honey, don't know what came over me..."


Thursday, June 01, 2006

The previous post was by JIM, not ME. He posted under my name.

The nerd.

But I agree--it was SO good to see all of you guys and pool-whore with you this past weekend!!