Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Betcha didn't know...
...that spray-painting something white will inevitably result in white nose-hairs.

I bet you feel wiser now...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And so it goes...
I have that song by Billy Joel stuck in my head. It's really a beautiful song...

So this past Saturday I got to soo Julie and Megan!! Very good catch-up time. And yummy food. Julie, Megan is SO adorable. Especially with your eyes and ears...please lemme know anytime you'll be in Indy!

This week is nice. I only work two days. of course, I only get paid for two days...details.

I'm hungry.
RTQ 11/22/05: What item on your family's Thanksgiving menu is your favourite?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Geez people.
I don't know whether to be flattered or scared...

So here's a summary of the trip to Arizona. We got to the hotel late Friday, or early Saturday-however you prefer to look at it-and immediately went to sleepy poo. Saturday we grabbed a late brunch at a place called "the ecletic cafe" (or electric cafe, as Jim's mom called it). Apparently "eclectic" means any kind of normal breakfast food with mexican flair. Rock. Then Jim and I drove around Tucson for a couple hours and ended up at Old Tuscon studios, where Tombstone, the original Desperado, and the town scenes from Little House on the Prairie were filmed. Kinda cool. We did not go to the actual town of Tombstone, but we perused a book about it. A town devoted to gambling and prostitution. Awesome. Then we went to the wedding. The ceremony lasted maybe 5 minutes. Definately straight to the point. Then we stayed at the reception for about 6 hours. But it was mucho fun. Dancing, drinking (mostly by the groom...yikes), and some very yummy food. Oh yeah... Sunday was Pheonix day. We drove up there for the whole day, and found a great little area with outdoor shops and resturants. We stayed there quite a while, and I ate at Hooters for the first time in my life. I don't know why they call it "Hooters". They should call it "Bootys" or something like that. The waitresses all had great butts. Yes, I looked. Jim tried to convince me that I could get a job there easily. I think you'd have a better chance, Allison. You have the butt for the job :) Anyway, we stayed there until sunset so that Jim could see all of the lights they'd put on the palm trees. They weren't quite done, but what was finished looked cool. Then we went and found an abandoned bar next to a Hard Rock Cafe (which had a very cute jean-jacket that Jim wouldn't buy me) and played pool while watching "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". After that we drove back to Tucson. We ran into a slight traffic jam on the way, but we managed to entertain ourselves. Monday, we had a bit of time in the morning before we flew back that afternoon, so we went to Sabino Canyon, but just missed the tram to the top of the mountain. So we looked around for a bit and then headed to the airport. Our first flight was hell. We connected in Denver, and the weather there was so bad that our turbulance was terrible. And the pilot had to go back up into it twice before he could land. I've flown a lot, and never had air-sickness issues, but I came incredibly close to losing everything in my stomach; so did Jim. Needless to say, we purchased some Dramamine between flights. Consequently, I remember nothing about the second flight. Except for landing. And when you're sleeping, that's a scary sound/feeling. So...yeah. Overall, it was a veeeery fun weekend. And I will be posting a couple pics as soon as I get them from Jim's camera.

Hmm...I need to get my hair trimmed...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I will be blogging a whole freakin' lot tonight. Just so you all know. I'm not dead.

And Steve, it's ernieSworld...GOSH...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

That's how I feel.

Jim is gone on another work trip. November's busy for him. Actually, it started at the end of October. From Sunday, October 30th to Monday, October 31st mid-afernoon-ish, he went to Atlantic City, NJ to trouble-shoot an engine. He was back in time for us to have a late lunch together and then hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. We ran out. There are about 37,000 kids in his neighborhood. But I digress. Then Tuesday morning he left at 5-something am to fly to Oklahoma City. He's trouble-shooting an engine about two hours away from the airport.

Jim: "I'm talking to you from The Middle of Frickin Nowhere, Oklahoma"

He's there until Friday. Then he has a few days off. Then on Thursday, November 9th he flies to Atlanta, GA and is there for two or three days. Then he actually has about two weeks without travel. [Side note: we will be decoratng his house for Christmas these two weeks. WOOT.] THEN he goes to Colorado for four or five days the week after Thanksgiving.

We might randomly go to a wedding somewhere in there and we're definately going to meet Julie in Indy this Saturday!!! I'm excited. It's been way too long...

SO...yeah. Not a whole lot going on other than that. Except that my brake pads are going in the front and my car is screeching like a banshee. I already have new ones, and Jim is going to change them out this weekend. Until then, I screech.

And now to be even more random.
I'm doing my RTQ on a Wednesday. Betcha never saw THAT coming...
RTQ 11/2/05: How much toilet paper do you use when you poo? [Apparently according to Allison and Jim, Aaron and I use way too much...]