Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Alive and kicking...

Alive: So after two days of no-Fred, the strangest thing happened. He reappeared. In my I-must-nurture-life hormonal state, I spent most of last Saturday killing flies in the kitchen and trying to fling them into his web. Ironically, I didn't care about the flies. I succeeded in getting one stuck in his web and, although I didn't witness it, I assume he enjoyed the treat. I haven't really given him much thought since. Maybe feeding him fixed my warped brain.

Kicking: Every night, when I lay down to go to sleep, it's become habit for me to feel my ever-growing baby lump. Last night, for the first time, I felt the baby kick! I had my hand on my tummy and felt a distinct thump on my hand. It was a soft thump at first, and then I felt one that was harder. I immediately reached for Jim's hand and made him feel for it, but of course nothing happened after that. The kid's playing with me.

And speaking of the kid, we found out the sex today at our appointment. We're having a...


The only unfortunate part of that is that we have no boy name picked out.

Suggestions, anyone?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last year's fun

I think I posted this Halloween bowling game last year. But it's still a wonderful way to waste time instead of working.

Fred Jones, Part 2

So yesterday morning I noticed that the ground was frosted when I let the dogs out. And there was no sign of Fred. I seriously almost cried. I haven't seen him since. I was trying to convince myself that he went into hibernation, but then when I was talking to Allison, she mentioned Charlotte's Web and I remembered -- Charlotte died!! Spiders don't hibernate, they die. Cue Ben Folds: "And I'm sorry, Mr.'s...time"

Darn pregnancy hormones.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Recent discoveries

OK, so I'm sure I'm the last to discover these things, but they have made my life very happy as of late.

#1: Pandora. Part of the Music Genome Project. Just brilliant and wonderful and SO good for my lack of attention span.

#2: Chewy SweeTarts Minis. All I can say is-where have you been all my life? I've eaten a package a day this whole week.

And did I mention I joined a bowling league with my brother? That's right. Bowling. I am officially that cool. Tonight I'm buying my own bowling shoes. To go with the ball I already bought.

Oh yeah.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I married a man who married his phone.
A few months ago, Jim got a Blackberry. Or rather, his company got one for him. They insisted. I must remember to thank them. Ever since this great change, he and his phone are inseparable. It's quite the relationship. He can even get his work e-mail on his phone now. Instantly. And the phone makes such a wonderful, peaceful noise when a new e-mail pops into the inbox. In reality, it should scream, "Oh, God! Not again!" Although it helps him keep up with his new position, it also brings work home a lot. Literally. And Jim deals with people in Europe and Asia everyday, which means that he gets e-mails 24/7. Someone who wants to talk to him is always awake and working somewhere.

Now, here's the thing with Jim and I - we both wake up to our cell phone alarms. Therefore, I am trained to wake up to the sounds that cell phones make. So when Jim gets e-mails all throughout the night, I wake up to the afore-mentioned peaceful tone that the phone emits. This morning's conversation went like this:

(Jim, thinking I'm still asleep, gets up and checks his phone for e-mails)
Me: Five, right?
Jim: Yep.

Such romantic morning pleasantries.