Friday, April 20, 2007

She's 69 today. Woot!

Invitation brain-fuzz
So here are the things that weren't so perfect about the reception invites:
-I accidentally put US postage on the reply envelopes that would be coming from Canada and Austrailia.
-I didn't write on the invites anywhere that there will be rooms at the Best Western reserved under Jim and I's names for out-of-towners.
-For anyone coming from south of Lafayette, the directions are not perfect. The Best Western is your second light after getting onto 26, not the first.


Oh well. E-mails can mend most of that.


A co-worker recently took one of my butterfly stickers that I use to mark off days on my calender. I mark off Monday through Saturday, and there are six rows of six stickers on each sheet. It's perfect. Here's my problem: she just randomly took a sticker from the bottom row. Not even at one end or another. Like the fourth one in.

It's driving me CRAZY.

*sigh* My pattern is ruined.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Not much has changed in the past couple weeks. I'm getting stuff for the wedding done really quickly, and things are going very well. We pretty much have all of the big things taken care of.


Although, if anyone has an extra thousand dollars or two just lying around and wants to send it to me, that would be pretty cool.

Hey-this is kind of interesting. Some [censored word] guy has been writing counter checks at my bank and putting my account number on them. So basically he's cashed one of them from my business account and bounced another. I've lost almost $100.00 because of it. I will get it back, of course, but now I have to watch my account like a hawk to make sure nothing else slips through. You know, because I sure have nothing better to do, between my two jobs and the whole wedding-thing.

Other than that, life is good. I'm feeling a bit cold-stricken, but nothing that a blanket, some tea, and a movie won't make better :)

Oh, and anyone who reads this and wants a free dinner/party invite, e-mail me your addy. You know who you are.