Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oily braids
This is what my hair somewhat resembles right now. What can I say? Sleep seemed a lot more important than a shower this morning.

So I've just finished catching up on people's lives (a.k.a. reading blogs). It took about an hour, but I value my friendships, so it was well worth it. I had some great company, though. Patton, our Saint Bernard, was beside me scratching and licking himself in various places the entire time.

And now for an important announcement:

It's hard to believe. I remember when he first started walking...talking...dang it happens fast. We're all going to Chuck E. Cheese's tonight to celebrate and also to say farewell to my 28 year old sister who is moving to California. Driving. Ew. But she is excited and has a wonderful job opportunity out there. Good luck, Mel. You're in my prayers.

Jim and I are going to Schaumburg tommorrow for three days. The highlights include a Cubs game--my first ever--tommorrow, and going to the Taste of Chicago. I'm SO excited. I really enjoy spending time with his family. Is that normal?

And now to go pack. And give myself a manicure. And hang out with my puppy. I love him so!

Later, people.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Here they are, as promised:
(thanks for linking them, Steve!)

And of course the black and white that is now part of the page...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

R.I.P. my A.S.--well, you get the idea...
Whatever, people, this blog is far from dead. I just had about a million things to do in the past week and a half. But I am happy to report that I'm back. So...let see...what's new?

-I'm down to about 150 lbs. (I usually hang around about 165). I feel wonderful. (Did I mention my skinny pants fit?!?)

-Allison and Aaron O'Maley. I just wanted to say that. Tee hee. It's about time...(The wedding and reception were amazing and perfect and beautiful and worth every last minute of effort! Thank you guys SO much for letting me be a part of it!)

-I am addicted to eBay. I've already sold 6 things of my own and 4 things for Jim. I currently have two more things listed for each of us. I can't stop. I don't know if there is a support group for this, but I may need the number at some point.

-I still miss my e-chats with Aimee during the workday. I'm off Tuesday, girl-we have to chat!

-I currently have two zits (no no, not one, but two) on the edge of my lip. It looks like herpes. I am not laughing.

-I will soon have pics from the wedding to post. I'm sure many "oohs" and "aaaws" will follow. Be lookin for 'em kids...

Ok, I must take my puppy for a walk now. Later, people. (And I mean that...)

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Since there have been some comments lately about the lack of posting on here...which has been partly due to being busy with different things like the new house, Allison and Aaron's wedding (congrats to you both BTW), and other random things...I thought I'd give you all something to think about.

In the beginning...there was nothing.
Then God said, "Let there be light"!
And there was still nothing.

But you could see it...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

My skinny pants fit!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, so this sounds really pathetic, but I've kept this pair of pants I ordered from Delia's about 4 years ago even though, up until now, they've been too small (their pants run really small-it says size 11, but they're really a size 9). I've lost some weight due to being more active and eating less (what a concept) and tried them on just for fun and THEY FIT!!!!!!!! The only problem is that they're 4 years old so they're not really in style anymore, but I'm freaking keeping them. Who cares about style. I never really have. Why start now?

So Canada was wonderful. It was really great to see everyone (of course). Not much more to say about that...

My job rocks-have I mentioned that lately? I'm SO thankful for it.

And I love my bridesmaid dress for Allison's wedding (8 days and counting!)

Ok, I'm gonna go now.

Aimee, I miss our daily e-chats...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mail-order blessings
So today at my wonderful new job, I framed a document proclaiming an Apostolic blessing from the Pope onto the people who ordered it--get this--from Rome. I was not aware that I could order blessings directly from the Pope...hmm...actually, the paper was hand-painted in a very beautiful manner by some nuns. And there was a picture of the new Pope attached. It turned out to be pretty nice looking.

But I still don't think I want one.

In other news, I'm going to Canada tomorrow. Jim and I are leaving after I get off of work and coming back Sunday. I am really looking forward to seeing those I miss. I don't want to return to that time in my life, but I'm very thankful for the two years God used there to change me-and the friendships He blessed me with. It will be wonderful to see those graduate that I might have had a small role in discipling...

Best of all I get to show off my hot Italian man. Yessssssss...

I'll talk to you all on Monday. Peace.

Friday, June 03, 2005

New House!!!

For those who don't know...I just bought me one! Erin and I have spent the past week moving, cleaning, painting, and more moving and painting get the idea. Thanks for all your help Erin, I really appreciate you!!! You're the best and I couldn't have done it all without you! Actually, we're not completely done with the unpacking yet. But, when all that is done, it would be fun to have a little get-together for people to see the new place. I have a pretty cool in-ground pool in the backyard so we can make it a pool party and bbq! Anyone interested???